Consider us your personal assistant.

FC Services Group has a very unique approach when concierge services are needed. We provide all the standard services as well as exclusive "extras" that you would only expect from a luxury hotel.

Standard concierge services

  • Key Holding
  • Mail Forwarding
  • House Cleaning
  • Laundry Services

Helpful extras and what else we do

  • Fill up your fridge just before you arrive.
  • Keep your car, left in France, in driving condition (petrol, batteries, tires, etc...)
  • Purchase event/travel tickets
  • Make appointments of all sorts for your arrival

Also, should the language ever be a barrier, we will assist you - on the spot - to deal with shop keepers and any local authorities.

Please call us at +33 (0) 9 67 26 24 16 for more details.